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Cutting Tools


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Professional and Industrial Chucks BLUEMASTER

Professional and Industrial Chucks BLUEMASTER.

CELESA S.A. now distributes a complete range of high quality chucks that is divided into two main families: the professional and industrial range.

The industrial chucks range is composed by two types of chucks: Normal and threaded mount chucks with precisions <0.05mm; <0.12mm and <0.20mm.

Industrial chuck with morse taper with precisions <0.05mm and <0.12mm.

On the other hand, the professional chuck range is composed by heavy duty auto-lock chucks with metal body and light duty plastic body chucks. The range is complemented by high performance key-lock chucks for column and stationary drilling machines as well as light-duty units for use with powertools.

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Oscillating Multi-Tool accessories BLUEMASTER: cut, grind, sand and scrap

Oscillating Multi-Tool accessories BLUEMASTER: cut, grind, sand and scrap.

With over 30 new geometries, CELESA S.A. presents a complete range of multi-tool accessories with a universal BM multi-pin system which fits all the available machines. Designed to cut all type of material: from very hard metal to the most fragile ceramics, the range includes blades for scrapping, jagged saw blades, carbide and diamond grain saw blades. They are manufactured in stainless steel, HSS, M42 (HSS 8% cobalt) or carbon steel to cover all possible material and applications.

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Metal lathe tools BLUEMASTER: high wear esistance, hardness and tenacity

Metal lathe tools BLUEMASTER: high wear esistance, hardness and tenacity.

The metal lathe tooling product family is now complete with the new carbide tipped tool bits in two different qualities: K10 - extremely hard and resistant carbide for general applications, and P20 - with higher cobalt content for more tenacity.

The different tool bits cover a wide spectrum of applications and operation ranging from tapering and turning (ISO 2 and ISO 6), grooving, parting and reaming (ISO 7, 8 and 9).

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Jobber drills, Milling cutters, Taps and Hole-saws BLUEMASTER

Jobber drills, Milling cutters, Taps and Hole-saws BLUEMASTER.

The already exhaustive range of jobber drills manufactured by CELESA is complemented by a new addition: the BC08 spiral drill, specially designed for use within the aircraft industry with lengths of 150 and 300mm.

We have added to the machine tap range the ISO 529 taps made in M35 cobalt HSS in B form and 35º helix. We are producing extra-long nuts machine taps M2L in metric thread as standard, also made in HSS 5% cobalt according to the DIN 357 norm.

A new addition to the milling cutters range: the FMF87 and FMF88 plain cutters with shank for finishing and roughing, made in M42 (HSS 8% Cobalt).

The new rotary burrs with inversed-curve geometry allow the making of smooth radiuses on edges. Their innovating design produces an auto-centring effect which allows a smoother and easier handling of the burr when moving on the working surface. Manufactured with high quality carbide, it guarantees the best possible output and durability in a wide spectrum of materials and applications including titanium, stainless steel, cast iron, brass and copper.

We have also added two bimetal hole-saws which complement the already wide range of BLUEMASTER hole-saws. The COB hole cutter is manufactured in M42 (HSS 8% Cobalt - for better hardness and performance) with variable 4/6 teeth. This confers a longer lifespan and makes a sharper and more durable tool: quicker and more precise cuts with less vibration and wear. The second addition to the range, the CBX100, has been designed among others for use by locksmiths. It is an extra-large hole-saw that has a 100mm cutting length and is made of HSS M3.

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Mounted points BLUEMASTER: cylindrical, rib, rounded, conical, etc…

Mounted points BLUEMASTER: cylindrical, rib, rounded, conical, etc…

The point is manufactured with agglomerated ceramics: a mix of fine red and white corundum, a combination that makes a perfect balance between material extraction and tool lifespan within the field of metal and cast iron working.

The range is composed by cylindrical (A type), rounded head (B type), rib (F type), conical (M type) and Reverse cone (N type) shapes.

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