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Cutting Tools

About us

CELESA S.A. - BLUEMASTER cutting tools

The expertise of the CELESA S.A. founders was gained long before its creation in 1987 and they have always dedicated themselves to the design and production of cutting tools. Our trade mark BLUEMASTER is synonym of quality, R&D and constant innovation. We design and manufacture tools that are made to exceed the most demanding industrial standards.


The Best Product Range, Quality and Service

The BLUEMASTER range offers the best quality with the most exhaustive range of technical solutions to an ever-changing industry. The BLUEMASTER Cutting tools guarantee you the best productivity through constant innovation, technical expertise and optimisation as well as an exhaustive control of our manufacturing processes.

We know that the best tools can only work if they are delivered at the right time. This is why BLUEMASTER has one of the market’s highest order fulfilment rates with close to 99.99% of the product lines served with next day delivery. BLUEMASTER is your best partner for profitability.


Innovation and Continuous Improvement

The implementation of new production technologies with state-of-the-art CNC units and constant technical improvement allows us to design tools with innovative geometries to fit in a wide spectrum of applications. Our 25 years experience as one of the market leaders is a guarantee of our capacity to innovate and create new solutions to increase productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Cutting Tools Specialists

The teams of professionals that compose every departments of CELESA S.A. are all dedicated to one common goal: offer the most reliable solution to the most demanding customers. Our vocation is also to be a service provider, stocking more than 72.000 references to be more than just a supplier but a dependable partner that offers integral cutting tool solutions.


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