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Cutting Tools

Quality and Service


The quality of our cutting tools is guaranteed by a strict control of the raw materials and the implementation of the most reliable manufacturing processes.

Our Quality Control and Processes department has a technical office dedicated to continuously and exhaustively optimize the manufacturing stages. The highest tool productivity and lifespan can only be achieved through rigorous raw material selection and appropriate geometrical characteristics.

As a consequence of this compromise towards quality and constant improvement, CELESA S.A. is currently going through a UNE EN ISO 9001:2008 certification process.


The reactivity, flexibility and effectiveness in delivering the BLUEMASTER tools are some of our main concerns. The continuous improvement of this process starts with the efficiency that can be measured in terms of the number of product lines that are delivered on each order.

This efficacy can be achieved through a well managed supply chain, an ever-improved finish product stock control, together with an agile, quick and precise order processing system. We have one of the market largest immediately available stocks.


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